Leviticus 16

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Old Testament
Teh Daze of Teh 'tonemnet

1 Teh 2 sons of Aaron Cat goes nears teh Lord and r like FAIL. Then teh Lord sayz to Moses Cat,2 Don't let Aaron Cat gos into teh Most High Holys Place behinds teh curtain in fronts of teh 'tonement cover on teh ark or he b like FAIL cuz I b in teh cloud over teh 'tonmenet cover.3 Dis is hows Aaron Cats has gots to enter teh sanctuary: with teh young bull 4 teh sin offerin' and teh ram 4 teh burnt offerin'.4 and hes gots to bathe in teh waters and puts on teh sacred garments and teh linen underwears.5 Hes gots 2 takes 2 male goats 4 teh sin offerin' and a ram 4 teh burnt offerin'.6 Aaron Cat gots to offer teh bull 4 'tonement 4 his sins.7 Then hes gots to take teh 2 goats 2 teh entrance of teh Tent of Teh Meeting.8 Hes gots 2 cast teh lots.9 And hes gots 2 PWN 1 of teh goats.10 And teh other goats gotta b put in teh desert.11 And teh bull gots to b PWNED 4 teh sin offerin'.12 The hes gots 2 take teh burnin' coals and teh smelly incents and go behind teh curtain.13 Hes gots to puts teh smelly insense on teh fire so hes wont b like FAIL.14 Hes gots to takes teh bull blood and like sprinkl3s it b4 teh 'tonemenet cover like 7 times.15 Hes gots to PWN teh bull and sprinkl3s its bloods on teh 'tonement cover and in fronts of it.16 Dis is how he makes teh 'tonement 4 teh sins.17 No1 can gos into teh Tent of Teh Meeting til Aaron Cat is done making 'tonemnet.18 Then hes gots to go to teh altar and puts teh blood of teh bull and teh goat on teh horns.19 Hes gots to sprinkl3s teh blood with teh finger like 7 times, k?20 Then hes gots to go to teh live goat.21 Hes gots to confess all teh sins and send teh goat into teh desert wit random dude.22 Teh goat like carry away teh sins, k?23 Then Aaron Cat gots to go bak to teh Tent of Teh Meeting and take off teh linen garments.24 Then hes gots to bathe in teh holy waters and PWN some offerin's for teh 'tonmenet of teh peeples.25 And hes gots to PWN teh fat of teh sin offerin' on teh altar.26 Teh dude hoos like, "I don"t want no scapegoats" has gots to bathe in teh waters b4 he can come into teh camp.27 Teh bull and teh goat has gots to be taken outside teh camp and PWNED wit fire. The hides get PWNED. The flesh get PWNED. The offal get PWNED. Like everytin get PWNED, k?28 Teh PWNZOR has gots to bathe in teh waters and wash teh clothes b4 he can come into teh camp.29 On teh 10 day of teh 7 month, u cant work.30 cuz dis is teh day of teh 'tonmenet to be kleenz from teh sins.31 Its teh sabbath of teh rest.32 Teh priest hooz annointed has gots to make teh 'tonement. Hes gots to ware teh sacred garments33 and make 'tonement 4 teh Most Holy Place and 4 teh Tent of Teh Meeting and 4 teh altar and 4 teh priests and 4 all teh peeples.34 'tonements gots to be made once evre yer. An tehy dided it, like Moses cat say.

Leviticus 16
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