Lamentations 4

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Old Testament

1 [a] how teh gold has lost itz lustr, Teh fine gold become dull! Teh sacrd gems r scatterd At teh head ov evry street.2 How teh preshus sons ov zion, Once worth their weight in gold, R nao considerd as pots ov clay, Teh werk ov potters hanz!3 Even jackals offr their boobs 2 nurse their young, But mah peeps has become heartles Liek ostrichez in da desert.4 Cuz ov thirst teh infants tongue Stickz 2 teh roof ov itz mouth; Teh children beg 4 bread, But no wan givez it 2 them.5 Those hoo once eatd delicaciez R destitute in da streets. Dose nurturd in purple Nao lie on ash heaps.6 Teh punishment ov mah peeps Iz greatr than dat ov sodom, Which wuz overthrown in moment Without hand turnd 2 halp her.7 Their princez wuz brightr than snow An whitr than milk, Their bodiez moar ruddy than rubiez, Their appearance liek sapfirez. [b]8 Butt nao they r blackr than soot; They r not recognizd in da streets. Their skin has shriveld on their bonez; It has become as dry as stick.9 Those killd by teh sword r bettr off Than dose hoo dye ov famine; Rackd wif hungr, they waste away 4 lack ov fud frum teh field.10 Wif their own hanz compashunate women Has cookd their own children, Hoo became their fud When mah peeps wuz destroyd.11 Teh lord has given full vent 2 his wrath; He has pourd out his fierce angr. He kindld fire in zion Dat consumd her foundashuns.12 Teh kings ov teh earth did not bleev, Nor did any ov teh wurldz peeps, Dat enemiez an foez cud entr Teh gatez ov jerusalem.13 Butt it happend cuz ov teh sins ov her profets An teh iniquitiez ov her priests, Hoo shd within her Teh blood ov teh righteous.14 Nao they grope thru teh streets Liek doodz hoo r blind. They r so defild wif blood Dat no wan darez 2 touch their garments.15 "go away! U r unclean!" doodz cry 2 them. "away! Away! Doan touch us!" When they flee an wandr bout, Peeps among teh nashuns say, "they can stay her no longr."16 Teh lord him has scatterd them; He no longr watchez ovar them. Teh priests r shown no honor, Teh elders no favor.17 Moreovr, r eyez faild, Lookin in vain 4 halp; Frum r towers we watchd 4 nashun dat cud not save us.18 Doodz stalkd us at evry step, So we cud not walk in r streets. R end wuz near, r dais wuz numberd, 4 r end had come.19 R pursuers wuz swiftr Than eaglez in da sky; They chasd us ovar teh mountains An lay in wait 4 us in da desert.20 Teh lordz anointd, r vry life breath, Wuz caught in their traps. We thot dat undr his shadow We wud liv among teh nashuns.21 Rejoice an be glad, o daughtr ov edom, U hoo liv in da land ov uz. But 2 u also teh cup will be pasd; U will be drunk an strippd nakd.22 O daughtr ov zion, ur punishment will end; He will not prolong ur exile. But, o daughtr ov edom, he will punish ur sin An expose ur wickednes.

Teh Footnotez

  • a - Lamentashuns 4:1 dis chaptr iz an acrostic poem, teh versez ov which begin wif teh succesiv letters ov teh hebrew alfabet
  • b - Lamentashuns 4:7 or lapis lazuli
Lamentations 4
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