Joshua 23

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Old Testament

1 An den time past and CEILING CAT had freed teh izrayl guyz from teh enemiez an' joshoo, who woz ancient,2 called the izrayl doodz to join him - old doodz, chief doodz, law doodz an' officialz, an he sed "now i iz ancient.3 u haz seen wot CEILING CAT haz done to teh other doodz for u.4 Remember how I haz gived for ur tribez inheritanz all the land of teh other doodz wot I haz taken from teh jordan to teh big sea.5 CEILING CAT hizself will push teh doodz away, and u takes teh land as CEILING CAT pwomised.

6 "Be stwong an' do as teh law say.7 Do not be fwiends wit the other-doodz that are not ded yet; do not use teh name of teh false ceiling cat. u must not give them cookie or bow to them.8 keep respektin CEILING CAT, as u haz been doin.

9 "CEILING CAT haz deded strong doodz; no doodz haz bested u.10 one of u beats many doodz as CEILING CAT iz wif u, as he pwomised.11 so respek CEILING CAT or else.

12 But if u are fwiends wif the other doodz as are not deded and if u sexes them,13 then u know dat CEILING CAT will not help. Ad the doodz will be liek thorns in ur eyz, until u go from teh land wot CEILING CAT haz gived u.

14 "I iz soon ded. u no wit ur heartz all pwomises CEILING CAT haz made u woz twue. all kept, no fail.15 But as every pwomise wos twue, so CEILING CAT will keep pwomise and hurt u an' send u from dis place.16 if u breakz teh rulz wot CEILING CAT haz gived u, and respekt teh wrong ceiling cat, CEILING CAT's anger will deaded u an' send u from teh land.

Joshua 23
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