Joshua 20

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{{Old Testament}}
{{Old Testament}}
===== Citis were kittehs cab B saif =====
===== Citis wher kittehs kan B saif =====

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Old Testament
Citis wher kittehs kan B saif

1 Ceiling Cat wuz laik, “oh, hai Joshua,2 “U kno dat citiez I tolded u abot well u go an teld dose Israel kittehs to pick sum.3 So if u eated sumun by acksidently u can has refuge and Blood Avenger Kitteh no can eated u

4 “If youse run awai to dose citiez an tolded wot yor laik to dose Old Tomcats dere, u can stai dere an u can has bukkit5 “If Blood Avenger Kitteh go to eated u dose Old Tomcats r laik, “No wai! Do Not Want.” Bcos u eated sumum only by acksidently.6 “an u can stai in dat citiez until u can has judgement from Old Tomcats and until High Priest Kitteh get eated. An then u can cum bak to yor own citiez.”

7 Dose kittehs picked Kedesh an Shechem an Kir’jath-ar’ba.8 Dose kittehs in Jordan piccked Bezer an Ramoth an Golan.9 All dose citiez r belong to Israel Kittehs and other kittehs 2 so enywun that eated sumun by acksidently can has bukkit an not get eated by Blood Avenger Kitteh.

Joshua 20
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