Joshua 12

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Old Testament

1 Nao heers a list of kings ov teh land wich teh kittehs ov Izrayl atak an taek east ov Jordan frum rievr Arnon to munt Hermon:

2 Sihon king kitteh ov Amorites between rievr Arnon to riever Jabbok

3 An frum teh plane to teh Chinneroth sea on east to wai ov Bethjeshimoth an frum souf unner Ashdothpisgah:

4 An coast ov Og king kitteh ov Bashan last ov giant kittehs who liev at Ashtaroth an Edrei,

5 An rueld munt Hermon an Salcah, an Bashan to teh border ov Geshurites an Maachathites an half Gilead, teh border ov Sihon king kitteh ov Heshbon.

6 Dey r smited by Moses servant ov Ceiling Cat an kittehs of Izrayl : an Moses servant ov Ceiling Cat giv it to Reubenites an Gadites, an Manasseh half kitteh tribe.

7 An dese are king kittehs of land Joshua an kittehs ov Izrayel atak an taek to teh west ov Jordan, frum Baalgad to munt Halak, which Joshua giv to kitteh tribes ov Israyl;

8 Inna miaotans an vallyz, in teh plains an springz, an in wilderness an south; teh Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, an Jebusites:

9 King ov Jericho, King of Ai;

10 King ov Jeroosalem, king ov Hebron;

11 King ov Jarmuth, king ov Lachish;

12 King ov Egion, king ov Gezer;

13 King ov Debir, king ov Geder;

14 King ov Hormah, king ov Arad;

15 King ov Libnah, king ov Adullam;

16 King ov Makkedah, king ov Bethel;

17 King ov Tappuah, king ov Hepher;

18 King ov Aphek, king ov Lasharon;

19 King ov Madon, king ov Hazor;

20 King ov Shimronmeron, king ov Achshaph;

21 King ov Taanach, king ov Megiddo;

22 King ov Kedesh, king ov Joknaeam ov Carmel;

23 King ov Dor on coast ov Dor, king ov nations ov Gilgal;

24 King ov Tirzah, thirty wun king kittehs. Srsly.

Joshua 12
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