John 3

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1. Naow dis guy Nicodemus iz a Pharisee and leeds teh Jews.

2. He comez to teh Jesus in teh nites and he sez "We knoes u comez frum teh Ceiling Cat and we knoes u pwn."

3. An Jesus sed, "Ceiling Cat has invisible haus, u gots 2 borned agen 2 see it."

'4. Nicodemus sez, "wtf dood? How doez dat werk?"

5. Jesus sez, "is da truth, u hafta be born agen wif waterz an spiritz an stuffs.

6. Flesh givez birf 2 flesh, but teh spirit gives birf to spirit, k?

7. Y r u so konfoozled?

8. Is lyke wind, it doz its own stuffs an u dunno how it werks, but is all ok, amirite? Is like that!"

9. Nicodemus sez, "I doez not get it." :(

10. "Den ur not gud teecher," sed Jesus. Burn!

11. "Ok, iz da twoof. We says sum stuff dat we sawed, and teh peeplez is still konfoozled.

12. I ben talkin bout teh stuffs on Earth and ur still lyke, 'whut?' so whut bout Heaven an stuffs?

13. I iz da only wan whos gone to Heaven so u haves 2 trusts me, mkay?

14. U gots 2 b lifteded up lyke Moses an his snakedy thingy,

15. coz if u beleeves ur not gon be ded! Eternal lifes, u can has it!

16. So liek teh Ceiling Cat lieks teh ppl lots and he sez 'Oh hai I givez u my only son and ifs u beleevs in him u wont evr diez no moar, k?'

17. Cuz teh Ceiling Cat not snd hiz son 2 take all yur cookies, but so u cud maek moar cookies 4EVAR!"

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