John 21

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15. Aftr tehy haz teh eats, Jesus sez to Simon Peter "Does u loves me moar thn tihs stuffs?" and he sez "yah lol." and Jesus sez "Mah lamz can haz cheezburgrs."

16. And Jesus sez gen "Hay Simon, does u loves me?" and he sez "um yah omg." and Jesus sez "Mah sheepz can haz cheezburgrs."

17. And Jesus sez one moar tiem "Does u loves me? Srsly?" and Peter iz liek WTF? becuz Jesus sayed "Does u loves me" gen and he sez "u knoes evrything, srsly, I loves u." and Jesus sez "Moar cheezburgrs.

18. "Srsly, srsly, when u waz teh kittehns, u haz teh cloths and u goes to teh placez; u will haz teh olds and sumone elsz haz teh cloths fore u and tehy sez 'U goes here naow, k?' and u sez 'Do not want!' but u goes tehre neways."

19. And he sayed teh stuffs becuz tahts haow he diez becuz teh Ceiling Cat pwns. And aftr he sayed teh stuffs he sez "Hay guyz, u follows me, k?"

John 21
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