John 20

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24. Naow Thomas teh dscpl wuznt wiht teh otehr dscpls wen Jesus camez.

25. Teh otehr dscpls sayed "OMG we haz sawed teh Dood!" But Thomas sayed "His wounz--show them to me."

26. Ltr, teh dscpls iz in teh hous wif Thomas. Teh doorz iz lockded, but Jesus waz liek "Oh hai!"

27. And Jesus sayed "My wounz--let me show u them. Srsly, stfu."

28. And Thomas sayed "OMG, OMG!"

29. Jesus sez to him "Becuz u seez me and beleevs, iz goode; but iz moar bettr ifs sumone duznt seez me but stil beleevs."

30. Jesus haz does a lotz moar of teh otehr stuffs, and I rites tehm downd, but I eated tehm.

31. But I dint eated theez stuffs, so u kin beleev Jesus and hav teh lifes, k?

John 20
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