John 11

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New Testament

 33 Den Jesus saweded her cryin an teh Jews dat com wit her wer also cryin and Jesus wuz all sadz and stufs.34 "Wer did yu lai him?" Jesus askeded.

 "Com here and yu can see too," dey sed bac.

 35 Jesus crieded. Not jus litle teers, no. he crieded big teers. Cuz Lazarus was ded an stufs an everywun luved him, even Jesus. Jesus trieded to wipe his teers awai wit his pawz but teh teers kept comin and comin and everywun saweded that as dey were cryin too. Everywun was cryin an sad. Yesh. Srsly. Yu mite criez too! It's okai, cryin is okay. Everywun can criez. Jesus wepted.36 An teh Jews sawded this an sed, "See! He luffs hum too!"

John 11
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