Job 6

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Old Testament
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LOL JOB is teh retirnz of teh Jediz ROFL

1 So dat d00d Job opens IM windoz and sez

2 "Hay guys, chek mai statz I can hazd mad pts

3 n cookies n cheezbrgr n can huver n stuffz.

4 Ceiling Cat had cookies and ten I eated it, so ten he waz all WTF!?

5 If an oxxen has grass, is he can bray? Lyke OMG WTF is braying? I wud ttly sm0ke teh grass! Ya rly. Neway if oxxen has teh fodderz, wud he sez 'OMG WTF???' or jst sez 'O Hai dad, I can has cheezburger?' ROFL oxxen is dummer tan lolrus. Srsly.

6 If I likks teh tofuz and it doeznt has a flavor

7 I wud be lyke STFU! Do not want! Want reel cheezburger! Neway, ten Ceiling Cat tuks mah bucket and I iz :'(. Fair enuff. Iz hiz bucket neway.

8 Now I aks teh Ceiling Cat fur teh cheezburger. Is metaforik cheezburger LMCO.

9 I aks teh Ceiling Cat get all emo n ttly pwn I. Srsly. Ten their is know I on urthz.

10 I still has consulayshun of metaforik cheezburger tis wai. Rlly.

11 Buff rite nowz, I iz liek lolrus doesnt has any bucket.

12 Iz liek monorail cat haz stalled enginez lolz.

13 Im liek WTF where is teh battlz n u guyz iz like IMz me all, "Im in ur base, killin ur d00dz." Srsly. WTF?

14 Iz liek, emo kitteh gotz pwnd. Tru dat. But still can has frendkitteh? Ttly.

15 But u guyz is liek vacuum kleener.

16 U sux.

17 Srsly.

18 Iz liek u iz mah watur dish,

19 And I likks at u and tries drinkz,

20 But smellz and has funneh flavr OMFG WTF?

21 U iz liek cat career cage thingeh. Never takez I nowhere guud or nufin.

22 Has I ever sed u, "Oh hai, I maid u a cookie,

23 but ten I eated it?" KK rofl I ttly pwnd u liek tat timez infinteh LMAO. U r such teh n00bz lolz.

24 Neway, I even givez u chance, I promise, no h4X0Rz. See u canz pwn me.

25 See rofl u is pissed cuz u no I has 1337 pts n ken pwn u even doesnt has cheezburger.

26 Iz u is liek sai 2 meh, "WTF, STFU n00b! OMG sotp winening"

27 LOL u prolly callz ur BFz teh n00b to.

28 ROFL b4 I liez u about eatin teh cookeh. Now I tellz truuf lol.

29 U iz teh sux n teh failz n iz not been helper cat.

30 I are seriouse cat. This are seriouse chapter lolz.

Job 6
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