Job 41

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Old Testament

1 Can u catches teh great big fish with ur claws? Or ties string to hiz tongue?

2 Can u put string in fisheh noes? Or put an hoel in hiz jaw wif a sharp thing?

3 Will it sez to u: "hai, i liek u kthx?

4 Will it sez to u: "i does what u wants now k?"

5 Will u play wit it like parakeetz? Tashty parakeetz. Will it wear teh collarz for ur girl kittehs?

6 Will teh other kittehs want to nom it, come to u sayin, "can i bai that fisheh plz?"

7 Can u poke it full of pricklehs?

8 Can u even catches it? Noes! That is too big fite for kitteh. U no catches it!

9 U has no chanse to be catchin teh big fisheh! Even teh otha ceiling cats was scared ov it!

10 No kitteh can stay wen teh fisheh is awake.

11 Who can fite it under teh hole ceiling? No wun can!

12 I will be LOUD CAT bout how it iz real strong!

13 Iz scary.

14 Has big scary teeths. Also has doors in his faec, wtf?

15 Teh fishehs back is hard like closed door! Bad door!

16 Nuffin can get in.

17 Srsly.

18 Fisheh eyez r even moar bright than kitteh eyez!

19 Its breathin burnz liek teh nitelites! Pretty nitelites!

20 Fisheh nose is full of smoek!

21 It sets things on fier, and we no like fier.

22 Iz realy scary! This fisheh is wai kittehs no like teh waterz!

23 Fisheh outsidez is teh hard.

24 Fisheh insidez is MOAR HARD!

25 Wen it iz not taeking nap teh fishes scares ceiling cats!

26 U can nevar poke teh fisheh!

27 Dun hit teh fisheh! He will just be liek "lol who throwed strawz at me?"

28 SNIPER CAT shootin teh fisheh iz rite out.

29 U cant beat teh fisheh eitha.

30 It crawl on graet big belly on sharp thingz.

31 Iz warm belly wivout teh sunz (not liek cat belly).

32 It maeks teh waterz shiny were it goez.

33 Tha urfs no has any fing like teh fisheh.

34 When kitteh is liek "I is graet!", fisheh goez: "I iz MOAR GRAET" and kitteh is scaerd.

Job 41
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