Job 40

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1. And teh Invisible Man iz liek "Hay Job.

2. "Iz u talks to me liek u knoes me? u haz to sez teh stuffs naow, k?"

3. And Job sez to teh Invisble Man,

4. "Sry, I haz nuffink to sez. I iz teh noob.

5. "I haz sez teh stuffs, but naow I sez nuffink any moar."

6. Tehn teh Invisible Man sez gen frum teh windz:

7. "K, u gets reddy gen. I asks kweschuns gen, and u answr me, k?

8. "U sez I iz teh noobs? U sez mah stuffs iz no goode?

9. "U haz teh arms liek teh Invisible Man, and u haz teh scarie voyces?

Job 40
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