Job 39

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1. "Does u knoes wehn teh goatz and teh deerz haz teh baybeez?

2. "Does u knoes how long teh stuffs iz livving,

3. "And wehn tehy haz kidz sum moar?

4. "Teh baybeez gets big and pwns; tehy goze and does teh stuffs.

5. "Who sez 'Hay u iz an ass'

6. "and tellz it to goes to teh places?

7. "It sez 'Hay city, do not want! I no kin hears u doodz.'

8. "It lieks teh mowntins.

9. "Iz teh oxes liek 'Hay u pwn, I sleepz bai u'?

10. "Does u kin be liek 'Hay oxes, u stayz here and tehn does teh stuffs, k?'

11. "Does it sez 'Hay u and me r teh bests frenz, I does teh stuffs fore u'?

12. "Does u beleevs taht it does teh stuffs fore u?

13. "Teh ostrichz iz liek 'I iz teh burdies, but I no kin fliez. I iz teh uglies.'

14. "It sez 'I haz maed u sum eggz and I no haz eated tehm'

15. "but sumtiems teh otehr animulz does eated tehm or just killz tehm.

16. "It sez 'Hay baybeez u r teh noobs, stfu';

17. "becuz teh Invisible Man iz liek, 'U dont knoes teh stuffs any moar.'

18. "It iz liek, "I haz teh fethers lol.'

19. "Does u maeks teh horseys stronge? Does u gives it teh cloths?

20. "Does u maek it kin haz teh jumps? Iz liek 'Oh hai, neigh.'

21. "It does teh stuffs and goes krazy.

22. "It sez, 'I iz not scured. U haz sum sords? lol. watevr.'

23. "Teh wepuns iz liek 'Oh hai horseys.'

24. "Teh horseys iz liek 'Watevr. I does teh stuffs naow, k?'

25. "It heers whut iz happinz and sez 'Do want!' and it goes to teh battlz.

26. "Iz it becuz u knoes taht teh scury burdies iz fliez?

27. "Iz it becuz u sez taht it maeks sum nestz?

28. "Iz liek, 'I liek teh roks, k?'

29. "And it looks at teh stuffs.

30. "It haz teh kidz and teh kids sez 'We haz teh bloodz naow, k? We lieks teh ded stuffs.'"

Job 39
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