Job 37

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Old Testament

1 But den mah hart thumpted an gots scareded.2 Listen to teh mewz that soundz liek "mew mew mew."3 Ceiling cat maeks it evrywherz, an is liek big lite all over.4 Then Ceiling cat growlz cuz is big kitteh an is teh Ceiling cat. The oethr cats is scareded of him.5 Ceiling cat haz a big growls an is so smrt that oethr cats dont know why.6 We no liek snow, but he growlz at it cuz its big an fluffy and is not scareded of teh rain eihter.7 He gots paws liek teh oethr kittehs too.8 An teh dogz go outside cuz they has homez there.9 Teh wind goes up an teh cold comes down.10 An Ceiling Cat blows to maek it colder and straiten teh water.11 Also teh rain maeks it get brite.12 So cuz Ceiling Cat can do all that we have to do what he sez cuz he is so awsome.13 He maeks it all hapen cuz of lots of difrent resons.14 So pay atenshun Job ok? Luk at why Ceiling cat is so awsome.15 Do you no why he maeks it get brite?16 Do you no that Ceiling cat can do all that cuz he is so smrt?17 Why ur furs is so cozy even tho he blows on them to maek it cold?18 Did you look at Ceiling cat to see how big skys are? Is big!19 Tell us what to mew to him cuz when is dark we is scareded.20 Do yu want me to talk? I talk bad n Ceiling Cat will pewp on mah hed.21 And dont see why is so brite wif teh clouds but Ceiling cat blows them away an is all ok.22 When the brite skys come out is gud. Ceiling cat maeks them extra gud.23 We can see teh skys but no can see Ceiling cat cuz hes hided. He is so awsome that he wont make mistaeks.24 We is scareded of him tho. He dont like teh cats that know to much about him.

Job 37
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