Job 27

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(Job 27)
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Old Testament
Ceiling Cat strikez down teh bad d00dz

1 An Job sez:

2 An Ceiling Cat srsly livz, an denaiz me teh juztiz, teh Almighteez, who maded me taste bittrnez of solez,

3 wen ai gots lief in me, an bref of Ceiling Cat n mai schnozzle,

4 mai lipz dun sez wickednez, an mai tung dun sez deceet.

5 ai nevar sez u is rite; till Iz ded, ai dun can deny mai integriteez.

6 Iz can has mai riteousnez n nevar can has let go; mai conshenz dun sez iz bad wen ai gots lief.

7 mai enemeez iz bad, n taunt happy fun cat.

8 for no can has hope when Ceiling Cat takez lief?

9 teh Ceiling Cat can hearz him moew wen him be stuk in trap?

10 he can has delite in Almighteez? he can has call to Ceiling Cat?

11 Iz gif u edumaction bout powr of Ceiling Cat; waiz of teh Almighteez ai dun hied.

12 u seez dis urslef. y for u sez so much?

13 hear iz faet Ceiling Cat givez to bad, teh stuf teh bad d00dz gets from teh Almighteez.

14 he can has many kidz, but faet is bad; his kidz no can has f00dz.

15 teh plag buriez dose who livez, an teh laydeez dun cry for dose.

16 evn tho he can has silvr, an evn tho he can has cloz,

17 teh good d00dz wearz his cloz, an teh good d00dz takez his silvr.

18 teh base he made iz liek cocoon for mof, leik base maded bai guardz.

19 he laiz down wif moneez, but dun no moar; wen he openz him aiz, all stuf is goen!!1

20 terrarz takez him liek flud; a trogdor takez him in teh nite.

21 wind from east takez him, n he iz no moar; it takez him out hiz base.

22 he no can has mercy an he runz fast away from it.

23 it sez "d00d u suk srsly" an takez ovr hiz base. LULZ!!1!

Job 27
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