Job 26

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Old Testament
Job 26
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Esther Psalms Job 25 Job 27
Job sez stuf back to teh other kittehs, an sez he lieks Ceiling Cat to!

1 After dis, Job sez

2 "Thanx for ur halp for sumwon who no haz lazer-vision! U has saeved my week armz!

3 U has tolled good stuf to sumwon who is dum! U is a smart kitteh.

4 Did sumwon halp u be so smart? Wuz dere a goast dat telled you wut to sez?"

5 "Teh ded kittehs are sad cuz deyz in a baff! Mebbe deyz drownded!

6 Ceiling Cat is watchin Def be nakedz! He is can see all teh stufz braeking.

7 He putted teh ceiling abuv us to protect us frum rainz, and he holdz teh flor up abuv Basement Cat.

8 He putz teh wata inna bols, but dey no braek cuz Ceiling Cat sez to no do dat.

9 Sumtimes he turnz offa lites in teh ceiling, so kittehs is can has nappytimes.

10 He putz silz on alla windows so kittehs no ware is wall and ware is teh glass for lookin owt.

11 Teh wallz is even shaekz when Ceiling Cat be angree.

12 He maeked teh water inna baf get sloshy, an he noed to eet Rahab cuz she wuz a ho who had suprise buttsecks.

13 He also turnz on teh lites in teh ceiling for halp kittehs see. Wunce, he killed a snaek wut cood flyzor.

14 Theze ar just sum of hiz less kool stufs wut he has did. We kant even no of teh reely kool stufs. Hoo can unnerstand even teh teenyest bit of hiz powerz?"

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