Job 25

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Old Testament
Job 25
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Esther Psalms Job 24 Job 26

Bildad lieks teh Ceiling Cat

1 So, next Bildad sed:

2 "All yer powerz iz belongin to Ceiling Cat cuz he maeks the rulez in teh ceilings.

3 Teh kittehs no is can has cownt his powerz. He gives teh cheezburgerz to alla kittehs.

4 So how kin a kitteh maek Ceiling Cat think hez a good kitteh? Kittehs caemed out of a vagina, theyz dirtee.

5 If a kitteh thinkz the lites in the Ceiling is no brite enuf

6 Then he is no a kitteh, he is a dawg!"

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