Job 23

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Old Testament

Job Flaps His Gums Sum More

1 Den teh Job sed:

2 2daii I iz emo.

3 if i new wer he wuz i couldz go 2 hiz houze.

4 an' i would be liek "I SRRY."

5 an' he wouldz sayed stuffz an' Iz would lissen.

6 He wouldn't b super-madz at mez.

7 der a gud dood would not b punnishedz.

8 but iz can't findz himz oh noes!!1

9 wen he iz up at teh north poll I'z dun see himz. not at teh south poll eider.

10 but he noez i iz goodz an' so i be'z ok.

11 i followz him everywherez liek teh creepy stalkerz.

12 i lissen 2 him.

13 "but he iz alone, he doez w/e he wantz.

14 he iz hatin' on me an' he'z got sum planz.

15 dat iz y i are teh scareded of him.

16 teh Ceiling Cat makez me scareded.

17 but i'z not teh quiet pplz.

Job 23
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