Job 19

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Old Testament
Job's reply

1 Job was liek,

2 Hey thar! Iz you gonna stop yellen at me soon? Srsly.

3 I think you did this liek ten time already, kthanks. You shud be sorry.

4 If I done somethin wrong it can't hurt youz, so lay off! How cud you guyz evn know, anyway?

5 You wanna keep it up? Liek you iz better than me or somethin?

6 Ceilin Cat done all this to me an it's not even mah fault! Liek, I got trapped in teh net when he was hunten fr me, or sumthin liek that.

7 Nobody is gonna here me anyway.

8 Liek Ceiling Cat put me in teh cage! An turned off teh lights on me too!

9 He has taken everythin I have so I am only jus a kitteh.

10 He keeps braken me down! I'm already gone, dead, liek I iz a tree wifout roots now!

11 I'm pretty sure I am hiz enemy by now. He got mad, I guess.

12 An then sent His whole Army jus to surrounded me!

13 An then made it so that I am far from all mah fellow kittehs that I knows.

14 Mah reletives, an evn mah friends! Evrone is gone an no one carez!

15 Evn liek mah own servant kittehs been acten liek they don't know me.

16 They don't evn answer me if I beg!

17 An my wif an mah kids an everyone is just been avoiden me!

18 Evn those other babeh kittehs from all ovr teh neiborhood dat be playin kickball in da street all teh time, they don't liek me. Not a bit!

19 An anyone I loevd has forgot all about me!

20 Also, I can't believe dat mah skin is still on! It's liek barely staying on mah bones!

21 An teh Ceiling Cat was thar the whole time! I blame Him! An so liek, please friendz, jus be nice to me!

22 Why do you make lief so much worse for me? Liek you want to team up against me with Ceiling Cat, or somethin!

23 I wish that some kitteh would write down this story on teh internets! Srsly!

24 An liek, make sure to back it up safe too, so that future kittehs will always be able to knows it!

25 Anyway, stills I know for surez that I iz still gonna be saved. I knows it!

26 Evn when I has no skin left at all!

27 I knows that this is not teh end of teh story for Ceiling Cat an I!

28 An liek srsly mah friendz, stop tryin to blame me for all dis stuffs!

29 Or else you will learn that there is pwnage for those kittehs that always be askin fr it. Srsly.

Job 19
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