Job 18

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Old Testament

Bildad Flaps His Gums

1 Den bildad teh shuhite replid:2 "when will u end thees speechez? Be sensible, an den we can talk.3 y r we regardd as kattle An considerd stoopid in ur sight?4 u hoo tear yourself 2 piecez in ur angr, Iz teh earth 2 be abandond 4 ur saek? Or must teh rockz be movd frum their place?5 "teh lamp ov teh wickd iz snuffd out; Teh flame ov his fire stops burnin.6 teh light in his tent becomez dark; Teh lamp beside him goez out.7 teh vigor ov his step iz weakend; His own schemez throw him down.8 his feet thrust him into net An he wanders into itz mesh.9 trap seizez him by teh heel; Snare holdz him fast.10 noose iz hidden 4 him on teh ground; Trap liez in his path.11 terrors startle him on evry side An dawg his evry step.12 calamity iz hungry 4 him; Disastr iz ready 4 him when he falls.13 it eats away parts ov his skin; Deaths firstborn devours his limbs.14 he iz torn frum teh security ov his tent An marchd off 2 teh king ov terrors.15 fire residez [a] in his tent; Burnin sulfur iz scatterd ovar his dwellin.16 his roots dry up below An his branchez withr aboov.17 teh mems ov him perishez frum teh earth; He has no naym in da land.18 he iz driven frum light into darknes An iz banishd frum teh wurld.19 he has no offsprin or descendants among his peeps, No survivor wer once he livd.20 doodz ov teh west r appalld at his fate; Doodz ov teh east r seizd wif horror.21 surely such iz teh dwellin ov an evil man; Such iz teh place ov wan hoo knows not ceilin cat."

Teh Footnote

  • a - Job 18:15 or nothin he had remains
Job 18
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