Job 17

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Old Testament

1 Onoes! my spiritz is brkn. I'z gon die!2 they takes mai cheezbrgr and laff! I watch them steal mai fud! I'z still gon die! SRSLY, roffle.

3 HAI, celing-cat! wtfbbq? Pew-pew, kthnx?4 Wtf? R U afk? O, lols...Ceiling-cat! u winz teh prize!5 kitteh lesson: 'if mai frend takes mai fud, ceiling-cat pwns mai frend(lolz).'

6 Ceiling-cat spread rumerz. Bad kitteh!7 I's indisible, cuz I's so ashamed. epic failz, rly.8 mai frends r all "uh, wtf?" o, also kittehs want teh BUTTSEX (no, not rly lol).9 Srsly tho, good kittehs will pwn ur d00ds if u no carful. We has teh ceiling-cat and teh pew-pew.

10 "but come on, all ov u, try again! Im gonna not find wize man among u.11 mah dais has pasd, mah planz r shatterd, An so r teh desirez ov mah hart.12 thees doodz turn nite into dai; In da face ov darknes they say, light iz near.13 if teh only home i hope 4 iz teh grave, [a] If i spread out mah bed in darknes,14 if i say 2 corrupshun, u r mah fathr, An 2 teh worm, mah mommy or mah sistr,15 wer den iz mah hope? Hoo can c any hope 4 me?16 will it go down 2 teh gatez ov death [b] ? Will we descend togethr into teh dust?"

Teh Footnotez

  • a - Job 17:13 hebrew sheol
  • b - Job 17:16 hebrew sheol
Job 17
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