Job 1

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1. In teh land of Uz wuz a man calded Job. Teh man was goodz, afraid of teh Invisible Man and evilz.

2. Teh man hadz seven sunz and tree doters,

3. And lots of sheepz and camlez and rinoceruseses and servnts, srsly.

4. His sunz tok turns mading cookies, and they all eated them.

5. And Job wuz liek "Oh noes! Wut if cookies were sin? Gota prey, just in cased."

6. Teh ayngles wented to seez Invisible Man, and Saitin wented 2.

7. Invisible Man axt Saitin, "Wher u wuz?" Saitin saied "Oh, hai. I'z wuz in ur earth, woking up and down uponz it."

8. Teh Invisible Man sayd "Has u seen mai servnt Job? He can has cheezburger cuz he laiks me."

9. "No wai!" sed Saitin.

10. "U just plyin favrits.

11. If u take his cheezburgers, he no laiks u no moar."

12. Then teh Invisible Man sed "Okai, u can take his bucket, but no hurtzing Job hissef." And then Saitin went awai.

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