Jeremiah 43

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Old Testament
Jeremiah 43
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Isaiah Lamentations Jeremiah 42 Jeremiah 44

1 Wen Jeramiyah wuz dun tellin teh kittehs evryfin Ceiling Cat sed 22 Azariyah, kitteh of sum othr d00d, sed he wuz a lier n dat Ceilng Cat no had sed dey shood no liv in Eegipt.3 Azariyah telled all teh kittehs dat Baruh maked Jeramiyah tel dem dat so teh Babilonians cood taek dem as slavez n taek dey cheezburgers.

4 Johanan n all teh soldr-kittehs ignord Ceiling Cat hoo had sed 2 stae in Judah.5 Dey got all teh othr kittehs to leev Judah evn aftr dey had just comed bak!6 Dey even taked teh ltl babeh kittehs n der momehs.7 Dey tuk teh kittehs 2 Eegipt evn tho Ceiling Cat had sed 2 no go ther.

8 Den Ceiling Cat tokked to Jeramiyah gain.9 Den he sed to tel teh j00s dat Ceiling Cat wood maek teh king of Babilon put his chaer ontop of teh rox.10 Also he wood maek teh king atak teh gipshuns n taek ther cheezburgers n also maebee maek dem dedz.11 N he wood also maek teh king of Babilon break teh howses of teh hovrcats n use eegit fur blanket wich no maek much senz.12 Ceiling cat was leik dis wil prov to teh kittehs dat I is Ceiling Cat abov all.

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