Jeremiah 27

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In teh beginin uv teh rane uv Jehoiakim teh son uv Josiah king uv Judah are cameded dis   
wurd 2 Jeremiah frum Ceiling Cat, n it r sezed:


So Ceiling Cat are sezed 2 meh; maek ur bondz an yokes, n put dem on ur nek, 


An ur wil been sended dem 2 teh king uv Edom, n 2 teh king uv Moab, n 2 teh king uv teh  
Ammonites, an 2 da king ov Tyrus, an 2 tah king uv Zidon, by teh hand ov teh  
mesinjurz wich are wil been comed 2 Jerusalem 2 Zedekiah king uv Judah; 


An cumand dem 2 are sezed 2 der masturz, so Ceiling Cat are sezed, teh God uv  
Israel; so u wil are sezed 2 ur masturz; 


I hav maed teh urffz, teh man an teh beest dat ar on teh grownd, by mie grate powur  
n by mi outstrtcheded arm, an hav givded it 2 hoom it aer seemeded meet 2 meh. Srsly.


An nao hav I gived al dese lands 2 teh hand uv Nebuchadnezzar teh king ov Babylon, my 
survint; n teh beestz ov teh feeld I are givded him allso 2 are surved him. 


An al nashuns wil aer been surved him, n his son, an his son'z son, until teh vry time of 
his land are comed: an den mnee nashuns an graet kings shal are been surved demselvez uv 


An eet are shal beened com 2 pas, dat teh nashun n kingdumm wich wil nott surv da saem 
Nebuchadnezzar teh king ov Babylon, an dat wil dont aer put der nek undur teh yoke uv tah 
king ov Babylon, dat nashun wil I punnesh, ar sezed Ceiling Cat, wif teh sord, an wit teh 
famin, an wit teh pestilins, until I aer hased nommed dem by hims hand. Srsly.


daerfor dont lisin 2 ur proffitz, or 2 ur deevinurs, or 2 ur dreemurs, or 2 ur enchanturz, 
or ur soresururz, wich are been spoked 2 u, sayn, u wont surve teh king uv Babylon: 


4 dey aer gived a profisee 2 u, 2 reemuv u faer form ur landz; an dat I shud ar droved u 
out, n u shud parrush. Srsly.


But teh nashuns dat aer brin der nek undur teh yoke ov da king uv Babylon, an has a surv  
heem, dose wil I let reemane stil in der onne land, aer sezed Ceiling Cat; an dey wil til 
it, n stae dere. Srsly.


I ar spoked 2 Zedekiah king uv Judah akordin 2 all dese wurdz, an I are sezed, u can has 
brotted ur neks undur teh yoke ov teh king uv Babylon, an surv him n al his pplz, an liv. 


y wil u dy, u n ur pplz, by teh sord, by te famin, an by tah pestulins, as Ceiling Cat has 
a spoked agaenst teh nashun dat wil dont aer surv teh king ov Babylon? 


derfor dont been lisin 2 da wurdz ov teh profitz dat aer spoked 2 u, n dey are sezed, u  
wont surv tah king uv Babylon: 4 dey aer lyd. 


4 I has dont iz sendid dem, aer sezed Ceiling Cat, n dey aer lyd in mah name; dat I miet 
driev u owt, an dat u miet paerush, nd teh profitz dat tok 2 u. Srsly.


I has spokded 2 de preeests 2, an 2 al teh pplz, n i aer sezed, Ceiling Cat are sezed; 
dont lissin 2 da wurdz ov ur profitz dat tok 2 u, sayn, look! Tegh vesullz uv Ceiling 
Cat's hows wil nao suun be brot agen from Babylon: 4 dey aer tolld a ly 2 u. 


Dont has a lissin 2 dem; surv te king ov Babylon, nd liv: waer shud dis sitee b laed 


But if dey aer b profitz, n if deh wrd uf Ceiling Cat are is beend wif dem, let dem nao  
maek inturseshun 2 Ceiling Cat, dat teh vesulz wich r is leevd in de hows uv 
Ceiling Cat, nd in teh hows ov da king ov Judah, an aat Jerusalem, dont aer goned 2 


So Ceiling cat are tokded abowt te pilrz, an ta sea, adn de basezz, nd teh rezidu ov te 
vesulz dat has a remaned in dis sitee. Srsly.


Wich Nebuchadnezzar king uv Babylon aer dont tukded, wen hee careed awae captiv Jeconiah 
te son ov Jehoiakim king uf Judah frum Jerusalem 2 Babylon, an al da nobulz ov Judah nd 


Ya, aer sezed Ceiling Cat, tah God ov Israel, te vesulz dat has a remaned in de hows ov 
Ceiling Cat, nd in te hows uv teh king of Judah and of Jerusalem; 


Dey wil been caryd 2 Babylon, nd dere dey wil b til teh dae dat I wil goned 2 vizit dem,  
aer sezed Ceiling Cat; den i wil brin dem upp, nd reestoar dem 2 dis plase. Srsly.
Jeremiah 27
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