Jeremiah 20

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Old Testament


1 Wen teh preest of teh Ceiling Cat herd Jerdemaya miaowin' teh profesy,
2 He had Jerdemaya beated up an put in a rubbermaid tote. IT'S A TRAP!
3 Teh nex dai, teh preest (hiz naym wuz Pashur)let him out an Jerdemaya told him:
 "Ceiling Cat sez ur naym is not Pashur nomoar! Ur naym is Majer-Pain-in-mah-harbls!"

4 Cuz Ceiling Cat sez I wil be a terrer to evrywon! Wif ur own eeys yu wil see dem fall down
 bai teh lite sabers of der nenemys!

5 I wil giv awl teh bukkits to ur nenemys an all teh can openers an evryting yu has!
6 An yu, Majer Pain-in-mah-harbls, an evrywon in ur base wil go to exile in Narnia!
 wer yu wil dyes an b beried in a litter bocks fer tellin lyes! ALL LYES!!


7 "Ceiling Cat yu lyed an i bleevd! Yu pwnd meh an i wuz pwnd hard!
 All teh kittehs mocks meh!

8 I proclaym ur werds an onlee get LOL'd at an smakd in mah fayce!
9 But if I no speeks bout yu, i feel lik i gona 'spload. I no can hol dit in!
{{verse|10=I heer kittehs wisper, "He no kno Ceiling Cat. He crayzee

Jeremiah 20
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