James 3

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New Testament


2 Kind Of Smartness

13 Who r teh smart 1z among u? Let em show it by all dere humbel chezburgerz.14 But if u r jeluz of other d00ds cheezburgers, dont tell any1.15 Dis kind of "smart" iz not frum da Ceiling Cat, but frum teh urth.16 Wen u r jeluz of other d00ds cheezburgerz, u wil lose all ur cheezburgerz.

17 Teh smart dat comez from Ceiling Cat luvz it wen all catz r kewl wit each othr n evrybdy lisN 2 each othr n evry bdy shaer cookiez.18 Peacecats who sow in paec will raies a harvest of cheezburgerz.

James 3
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