Isaiah 9

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Old Testament

1 Mai proffercy, let me show you it. Iz gonna be awright. Fr Galileliliee anyways.2 Cats that iz in dark haz evn bettah nihgt vizhun than befoar.3 Cookies an cheezburgrs everywhrs!4 Midian no can haz cheezburgrs.5 Evry warryuh's boot wll be burntd so no mre kickng cats, lol.

6 We haz boy kitteh yay lol!! Him wll haz governanmnt an wll be calld d00d, l33t, Ceiling Cat, leadr of the littah, teh most effectual Top Cat lol.7 Hims governanenemnt wll get biggah an biggah an him wll sit on David's thron cushions forevah. Srsly. Ceiling Cat sayz.

Isaiah 9
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