Isaiah 63

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Old Testament

Ceilin cats dai ov vengeance an redempshun

1 Hoo iz dis comin frum edom, Frum bozrah, wif his garments staind crimson? Hoo iz dis, robd in splendor, Stridin fwd in da greatnes ov his strength? "it i, speakin in righteousnes, Mighty 2 save."2 Y r ur garments red, Liek dose ov wan treadin teh winepres?3 "i has trodden teh winepres alone; Frum teh nashuns no wan wuz wif me. I trampld them in mah angr An trod them down in mah wrath; Their blood spatterd mah garments, An i staind all mah clothin.4 4 da dai ov vengeance wuz in mah hart, An teh yer ov mah redempshun has come.5 I lookd, but thar wuz no wan 2 halp, I wuz appalld dat no wan gaev support; So mah own arm werkd salvashun 4 me, An mah own wrath sustaind me.6 I trampld teh nashuns in mah angr; In mah wrath i made them drunk An pourd their blood on teh ground."

Praize an prayr

7 Im gonna tell ov teh kindnesez ov teh lord, Teh deedz 4 which he iz 2 be praisd, Accordin 2 all teh lord has dun 4 us— Yez, teh lotz da gud things he has dun 4 da houz ov israel, Accordin 2 his compashun an lotz da kindnesez.8 He sed, "surely they r mah peeps, Sons hoo will not be false 2 me"; An so he became their savior.9 In all their distres he 2 wuz distresd, An teh angel ov his presence savd them. In his luv an mercy he redeemd them; He liftd them up an carrid them All teh dais ov old.10 Yet they rebelld An grievd his holy spirit. So he turnd an became their enemy An he him fought against them.11 Den his peeps recalld [a] teh dais ov old, Teh dais ov mosez an his peeps— Wer iz he hoo brought them thru teh sea, Wif teh sheferd ov his flock? Wer iz he hoo set His holy spirit among them,12 Hoo sent his glorious arm ov powr 2 be at mosez rite hand, Hoo dividd teh waters before them, 2 gain 4 him evrlastin renown,13 Hoo led them thru teh depths? Liek horse in open country, They did not stumble;14 Liek kattle dat go down 2 teh plain, They wuz given rest by teh spirit ov teh lord. Dis ar teh how u guidd ur peeps 2 mak 4 yourself glorious naym.15 Look down frum heaven an c Frum ur lofty throne, holy an glorious. Wer r ur zeal an ur mite? Ur tendernes an compashun r withheld frum us.16 Butt u r r fathr, Though abraham doez not knoe us Or israel acknowledge us; U, o lord, r r fathr, R redeemr frum ov old iz ur naym.17 Y, o lord, do u mak us wandr frum ur ways An harden r hearts so we do not revere u? Return 4 da saek ov ur servants, Teh tribez dat r ur inheritance.18 4 lil while ur peeps posessd ur holy place, But nao r enemiez has trampld down ur sanctuary.19 We r yours frum ov old; But u has not ruld ovar them, They has not been calld by ur naym. [b]

Teh Footnotez

  • a - Isaiah 63:11 or but cud he recall
  • b - Isaiah 63:19 or we r liek dose u has nevr ruld, / liek dose nevr calld by ur naym
Isaiah 63
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