Isaiah 6

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Old Testament

1 O hai! Isaiah iz here: this me book. Chiefcat Uzziah waz ded. Me seez teh Ceiling Cat. Big chair, hi-up. Ceiling cat haz klothz. Lotsa klothz! (An a train. Who knu?)2 An brnin wngz guyz. With fyer! Lotsa brnin wingz guyz! to wngz hId Iz! to wngz hId fete! 2 wngz: Flii, mnkEs, fliii!!3 An yelped: Mega-733t, mega-733t, mega-733t be ceiling cat, an he maded starz! Starz-boss ceiling cat!4 An smok! An more smok! An Rikter ScAL 9 San Andreas! An Rikter ScAL 9 San Andreas! Srsly!

5 I sez: I iz pwnd! I iz totly pwnd! Srsly! Iz sad! I iz drty-mout un-733t cat. I livz wit drty-mout bad kittehs! I seez ceiling cat, he maded starz, starz-boss ceiling cat! I seez! I iz pwnd!!

6 1 Den a wngz guy bringed a fyer rock to me.7 He tuch it on mai mouf an sez "Hot fyer tuch ur lipz.. Yoo iz furgiben nao.

8 An ceiling cat is liek "Me want senz a gai, who want go?!" [hint hint lol] an I sez: "mE here. Senz mE pl0x!

9 An ceiling cat is liek: "I senz U. U 733t. U sez to kittehs: U kittehs herz and no herz, U kittehs seez and no seez.

10 U kittehs heart fat, U kittehs eerz no work, U kittehs shut Iz, so U kittehs no seez ceiling cat hoo maded starz! Starz-boss ceiling cat!"11 An I sez: Srsly? An ceiling cat sez: sitEs pwnd, an houzez pwnd, an land pwnd.12 An mah kittehs go far far awai13 But den a tenth of mah kittehs com bak. U no, liek wen fluff cat lose all fluff, iz still cat even wit no fluff, a few of mah kittehs still MAH kittehs.

Isaiah 6
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