Isaiah 6

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Old Testament

1 O hai! Isaiah iz here: this me book. Chiefcat Uzziah waz ded. Me seez teh Ceiling Cat. Big chair, hi-up. Ceiling cat haz klOthz. Lotsa klOthz! (An a train. Who knu?)2 An brnin wngz guyz. With fyer! Lotsa brnin wingz guyz! 2 wngz hId Iz! 2 wngz hId fete! 2 wngz: Flii, mnkEs, fliii!!3 An yelped: Mega-733t, mega-733t, mega-733t be ceiling cat, an he maded starz! Starz-boss ceiling cat!4 An smok! An more smok! An Rikter ScAL 9 San Andreas! An Rikter ScAL 9 San Andreas! Srsly!

5 I sez: I iz pwnd! I iz totly pwnd! Srsly! Iz sad! I iz drty-mout un-733t cat. I livz wit drty-mout un-733t pEpL! I seez ceiling cat, he maded starz, starz-boss ceiling cat! I seez! I iz pwnd!!

6 1 brnin-wngz guy flii, wit fyer! Touchez mout wit brnin fyer!7 Sez: U now iz mega-733t cat 2!

8 An ceiling cat is liek "Me want senz gIz to earth! What gIs senz to eart?" [hint hint lol] an sez I: "mE her. Senz mE!

9 An ceiling cat is liek: "I senz U. U 733t. U sez to pEpL: U pEplL herz and no herz, U pEpL seez and no seez.

10 U pEpL heart fat, U PEpL eerz no work, U pEpL shut Iz, so U pEpL no seez ceiling cat hoo maded starz! Starz-boss ceiling cat!"11 An I sez: Srsly? An ceiling cat sez: sitEs pwnd, an houzez pwnd, an land pwnd.12 An peple go far far away13 An ceiling cat sez stuf bout tenth and treez and Ok treez and leevz and seedz this cat no comprehende. Kthxby

Isaiah 6
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