Isaiah 59

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Old Testament
Isaiah 59
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Song of Solomon Jeremiah Isaiah 58 Isaiah 60

Ceiling cat haz deh biggezt nailz, can here teh meowz of everuh kitteh.

Hai Kittehs! Yu makeh teh Ceiling Cat push yu in teh wet. Yu make him takeh cheezburger.

Yur pawz haz red wahtur, yur mouf haz liez. Yu dun seh teh truf - noone sehz teh truf. Dem haz belief in basement cat. Dem birtehz kittehs of mischiefs. Dem chaesed to deh baddness and haz likez for teh red water; teh think of deh takin of udder kittehz cheezburgers. Dem do not knoez deh peez. Teh litturbocks haz bad. Srstly.

Dis iz wai teh Ceiling Cat no hearz teh criez of teh kittehs. Try to see teh lite, haz srsly shadow. Try to hear teh good, haz bad noiz. Dem bark likeh dawgz, crie like mouseh. Teh littur bocks haz only bad. Dem catz noe teh baddness dey hav. I can haz cure? Teh Ceiling Cat hearz daer criez. "Oh Hai," he sez. "I can haz victory?" Ceiling Cat haz a cape wif goodness nd shoez wid strenf. Teh good get cheezburgers. Teh bad get vewee wet.

Yu lovez teh Ceiling Cat, hee haz grate powur. "I givez cheezburger," sai Ceiling Cat. "But ai can taek. Have no wet, nd giv teh cheezburger to teh kittehs and teh kittehs' kittehs."

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