Isaiah 52

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Old Testament

1 awaek, awaek, o zion, Clothe yourself wif strength. Put on ur garments ov splendor, O jerusalem, teh holy city. Teh uncircumcisd an defild Will not entr u again.2 shaek off ur dust; Rize up, sit enthrond, o jerusalem. Free yourself frum teh chains on ur neck, O captiv daughtr ov zion.3 4 dis ar teh wut teh lord sez: "u wuz sold 4 nothin, An without money u will be redeemd."4 4 dis ar teh wut teh sovereign lord sez: "at furst mah peeps went down 2 egypt 2 liv; Lately, assyria has oppresd them.5 "an nao wut do i has her?" declarez teh lord. "4 mah peeps has been taken away 4 nothin, An dose hoo rule them mock, [a] " Declarez teh lord. "an all dai long Mah naym iz constantly blasfemd.6 therefore mah peeps will knoe mah naym; Therefore in dat dai they will knoe Dat it i hoo foretold it. Yez, it i."7 how beautiful on teh mountains R teh feet ov dose hoo brin gud news, Hoo proclaim peace, Hoo brin gud tidings, Hoo proclaim salvashun, Hoo say 2 zion, "ur ceilin cat reigns!"8 listen! Ur watchmen lift up their voicez; Togethr they shout 4 joy. When teh lord returns 2 zion, They will c it wif their own eyez.9 burst into songs ov joy togethr, U ruins ov jerusalem, 4 da lord has comfortd his peeps, He has redeemd jerusalem.10 teh lord will lay bare his holy arm In da sight ov all teh nashuns, An all teh endz ov teh earth will c Teh salvashun ov r ceilin cat.11 depart, depart, go out frum thar! Touch no unclean ting! Come out frum it an be pure, U hoo carry teh vesels ov teh lord.12 but u will not leef in haste Or go in flight; 4 da lord will go before u, Teh ceilin cat ov israel will be ur rear guard.

Teh sufferin an glory ov teh servant (a.k.a. Jesus)

13 c, mah servant will act wisely [b] ; He will be raisd an liftd up an highly exaltd.14 jus as thar wuz lotz da hoo wuz appalld at him [c] His appearance wuz so disfigurd beyond dat ov any man An his form marrd beyond hooman likenes15 so will he sprinkle lotz da nashuns, [d] An kings will shut their mouths cuz ov him. 4 wut they wuz not told, they will c, An wut they has not herd, they will understand.

Teh Footnotez

  • a -Isaiah 52:5 ded sea scrolls an vulgate; masoretic text wail
  • b - Isaiah 52:13 or will prospr
  • c - Isaiah 52:14 hebrew u
  • d - Isaiah 52:15 hebrew; septuagint so will lotz da nashuns marvel at him
Isaiah 52
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