Isaiah 4

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Old Testament

1 In dat day sm chicks

iz gunna get a man
an dey gunna say, "Wez eets r own foodz
an get r own cloz;
yu just callz us bai ur naem.
Taek away teh disgrays!"
Teh Branch ov teh Ceiling Cat

2 In dat day teh Branch ov teh Ceiling Cat gunna be very pritty, an teh froot wil be gud tu.3 An teh kittehs hoo iz stil in Zion an Jerusalem, dey iz holey, but not teh ded wuns. Ded kittehs iz not holey.4 Teh Ceiling Cat gunna wash teh durty wimmen; an cleen teh bad fings frum Jerusalem wif speeritz ov jujing an fier.5 Den he wil maek sum smoek in teh day an sum fier in teh nite; an der will be a canupy ovr it.6 It will be saef wen teh sunny spots r tu hot, an fr wen it iz rane an wet.

Isaiah 4
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