Isaiah 18

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Old Testament

1 Oh jeeze youz guyz with whirlin wnds be bad.2 Go mien mssngrs with yur stuff, in dem boats. Tell da guyz dath tehy be bad, nd speak fnny.3 All yu who haz da huse as yur home. Yu will hearz trumpets nd banners. Srsly4 Ceilin Cat sez "I not speakz when dis happen, I haz ceilin, I stay der, kthxbai"5 All yu guyz haz yur harvests right? Will dey all be cut bfor yu getz to haz dem. Srsly.6 All yur hard work be haz fud fur ur animals when da cold tiems haz dem.7 An den yu will bring cheezeburgres for Ceiling cat. Wen da bad guys be donin bad stuffs dat is wen yu will bring cheezeburgers to Ceiling cat.

Isaiah 18
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