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(coming soon. I'll write this up fully.)
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Oh hai thar

So you want to speak lolcat? It isn't very easy and you may end up with some kitty scratches in the end. The purpose of this page is to offer help on proper lolcat syntax and grammar. Don't worry if you don't get it at first. It takes some practice but in the end you'll end up with proper lolcat that is both cute and funny.

This isn't fully written though. I shall be doing that soon. For now, if you really want a crash course go to icanhascheezburger and read the comments there. These are the experts. Yes, really.

So yu pul up a char an wiggel in an yu gunna go on a towtaly awsum ried. Srsly! Ai can pwomis yu dat yu wil haf fun, ai dink. newayz, yu go nao an rede icanhascheezburger an get teh scupe on teh lolcat speek, k? bai!

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