Hosea 7

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Old Testament

1 whenevr i wud heal israel, Teh sins ov efraim r exposd An teh crimez ov samaria reveald. They practice deceit, Thievez break into haus, Bandits rob in da streets;2 but they do not realize Dat i remembr all their evil deedz. Their sins engulf them; They r always before me.3 "they delight teh king wif their wickednes, Teh princez wif their liez.4 they r all adulterers, Burnin liek an oven Whose fire teh bakr ned not stir Frum teh kneadin ov teh dough till it risez.5 on teh dai ov teh festival ov r king Teh princez become inflamd wif wine, An he joins hanz wif teh mockers.6 their hearts r liek an oven; They approach him wif intrigue. Their pashun smolders all nite; In da mornin it blazez liek flamin fire.7 all ov them r hawt as an oven; They devour their rulers. All their kings fall, An none ov them calls on me.8 "efraim mixez wif teh nashuns; Efraim iz flat caek not turnd ovar.9 foreigners sap his strength, But he doez not realize it. His hair iz sprinkld wif gray, But he doez not notice.10 israels arrogance testifiez against him, But despite all dis He doez not return 2 teh lord his ceilin cat Or search 4 him.11 "efraim iz liek doov, Easily deceivd an senseles— Nao callin 2 egypt, Nao turnin 2 assyria.12 when they go, im gonna throw mah net ovar them; Im gonna pull them down liek birdz ov teh air. When i hear them flockin togethr, Im gonna katch them.13 woe 2 them, Cuz they has strayd frum me! Destrucshun 2 them, Cuz they has rebelld against me! I long 2 redeem them But they speek liez against me.14 they do not cry out 2 me frum their hearts But wail upon their bedz. They gathr togethr [a] 4 grain an new wine But turn away frum me.15 i traind them an strengthend them, But they plot evil against me.16 they do not turn 2 teh most high; They r liek faulty bow. Their leaders will fall by teh sword Cuz ov their insolent werdz. 4 dis they will be ridiculd In da land ov egypt.

Teh Footnote

  • a - Hosea 7:14 most hebrew manuscripts; sum hebrew manuscripts an septuagint manuscripts say they slash themselvez like emos.
Hosea 7
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