Habakkuk 1

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Old Testament



1 Teh orakul dat Habakkuk teh prophet gotzted.

Habakkuk sez

2 OHAITHAR Ceiling CAt, why u be ignorin me?3 ur all liek, "violenz n haterz, let me show you dem"4 ther4, u suck. luv, Habakkuk

Ceiling Cat sez

5 Jus be patient H-kuk. Ima do sumthin so awezum u won't bleeve.6 U know thos Babyloneens? Dey r sum bad haterz, alwayz stealin cookiez n stufz7 Evryboday see dem n go OHNOES BABYLONEENS n runs away. Babyloneens know dis.8 Liek, even deer horsies can kick your buttz9 oh yah, and dey be all into enslavin u10 n killin ur leaderz n l00tin n pillagin11 but datz why deer sum guilty mofos. Dey tink dey strongar dan Ceiling CAt

Den Habakkuk sez

12 OHAITHAR again Ceiling CAt, r u not everlastin gobstopper? u gonna punish teh haterz?13 U has eyez to pretty 2 see teh haterz, dat's why u sayin nuthin when ppl steal my cookiez

14 It liek dis: u make teh kittehs like teh feesh15 n teh haterz liek teh fish-manz,16 n when the fishmanz gets teh feesh hiz all like LOL I cauted u NOM NOM NOM17 n dis iz givin us kittehs srs depreshun

Habakkuk 1
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