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Rough, coming soon.
'''1.''' At end of chapter link to next chapter.
'''1.''' At end of chapter link to next chapter.

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1. At end of chapter link to next chapter.

2. Organize into categories. Old Testament category, etc. Each book is category. End of category pages shows all links in their category. Example: Bottom of Genesis One page show all chapters. Bottom of Old Testament pages show all other books. (See Wikipedia categories for inspiration).

3. No caps. While I understand lolcats tend to speak in caps, I think a translation should be a bit more easy to read. Especially with large blocks of text.

4. Verses each on a new line with the number in bold.

5. God == Invisible Man. This is for consistency throughout the book.

6. Do not alter names. While some play may be made with ownership ("jobes" instead of "job's") let's keep names as they are in the Bible.

7. Do play with the text a bit. The Bible is boring, let's face it. I say we spruce it up quite a bit.

8. You can use lolcat specific jokes (cheezburgr, etc), but try not to abuse them.

9. Chapters should use words for the numbers. ("Matthew Chapter One" instead of "Matthew Chapter 1")

More to come.

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