Genesis 50

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Old Testament

1 Dat Joseph d00d was all like crying n' stuff and den he waz liek "i can has kissez?" and he gave kisses to daddy.2 and den Joseph was all liek "hey u guyz lets make to wrap himz up;" so guyz did it.3 it wuz long time, more long time, lotz of time, and peepz were sad4 and Joseph sed "hai guyz if u luvz me, tell Pharaoh that5 dadz sed u gots burry me in Canaan so I taek him out of ur place an burry him in Canaan but I coem back kthxbai"

6 an Pharaoh said "k"

7 an Joseph went with old kittehz8 an with his bros and the sheepz9 an with the walrus and hiz bukket an dey were lotz of kittehs

10 an they got there an the kittehs cried11 an the Canaan kittehs sed "oh sad"12 so dey burreed him inna durt13 cuz deyd carreed him there 14 Joseph went back to Pharaoh15 den bros sed "Joseph will h8 us"16 an bros sed "Joseph, dad sed17 u must luv us an not be mad" an Joseph cried18 an bros sed "we sirv u an lick ur feetz"19 an Joseph sed "dont be fraid I iz liek ceiling cat20 cuz u wer bad but ceiling cat maed it gud an kittehs got saved21 dunt werry I give u cheezburgrz" an he gaev em cheezburgrz

22 an Joseph got old23 an he saw his baby kittehs have kittehs an kittehs an kittehs an he holded all the baby kittehs an red them storeez an gave em cheezburgrz24 Joseph sed "I go see ceiling cat forevur but ceiling cat will take you back to ur land kthxbai"25 an Joseph sed "ceiling cat will coem so tak mai bonez k?"26 an he died an dey put him in a box

Genesis 50
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