Genesis 40

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Old Testament
Joseph sez "Oh hai" 2 teh cupholder an bredmaikr

1 1 An l8r pharos butler An his baker had pissed him off. 2 2 An liek i just sed, pharo wuz all pissed off An stuf at teh butler An teh baker. (teh baker d00d didnt maded gud cookies An stuffz. I dono wut teh butler d00d did, mai b he axidently spilt sumthin on pharo or letz teh dor shut in pharos face or sumthin liek taht. ne wai pharo wuz liek all pissed off An stufz.) 3 3 An he put them in teh prison wher Joseph wuz bosscat ov teh prisonerz. 4 4 An teh captain ov teh guard sed joseph iz bosscat ov u, lissen 2 him An dont maek trubl An he took care ov tehm An didnt letz any ov teh prisoners tryz to has buttsecks wif dem An they stays tehre 4 long tiemz. 5 5 An 1 nite teh butler d00d An teh bakr d00d bof had wierd dremz An teh butler d00d dremd about grapez An wien An teh baker d00d dremd about cookiez.

1 6 An in teh mornin Joseph saw taht dey wer all sad An stuff cuz of teh wierd dremz. 2 7 An he axt tehm y r u all sad An stuf 2dai?

1 8 An dey sed we can haz wierd dremz An we dont undrstanz dem An no 1 can tellz us wtf dey meanz. An Joseph sed Ceiling Cat knos wot dey meanz. tell me wot wuz dey about An i wil axt Ceiling Cat.

1 9 An teh butler d00d sed, In my drem i saw a grapez vine; 2 10 An it had 3 branchz An sudenly it had grapez An stuf: 3 11 An I took teh grapes An maded wien An gaev it 2 pharo An pharo rly liekd it alot.

1 12 An Joseph sed Ceiling Cat sez: teh 3 branchz r 3 daze: 2 13 An in 3 dais pharo wil say iz ok i liekz u again An he wil letz u out ov teh prison An u wil be hiz butler again. 3 14 But dont 4getz 2 do sumthin 4 me, pls tell Pharaoh about me so he wil letz me out ov teh prison cuz it rly suxx 2 b in here: 4 15 An cuz sum wikkid evil mean d00dz kidnapd me form teh land ov teh Hebrews An i didnt do ne wikkid evil stuf but dey puts me in teh dunjun ne wai.

1 16 When teh baker d00d hurd taht teh butler d00dz drem wuz gud, he sed i wuz in my drem 2 An I wuz carryin 3 bukkits on my hed: 2 17 An in teh top bukkit tehre wuz all kindz ov rly gud cookiez 4 pharo but he sed DO NOT WANT!!!!!!!!!! An he chopd of my hed An hung me on a tree An teh burds eated teh cookies out ov teh bukkitz.

1 18 An Joseph sed Ceiling Cat sez: teh 3 bukkitz r 3 daze: 2 19 An in 3 dais pharo wil chopz of ur hed An hang u on a tree An teh burds wil eatz u up An stuf liek u was cookies.

1 20 An teh 3th dai wuz pharos burfdai An he can haz huge party 4 all hiz peepz, wif cheezburgrz An cookies An cakez An icecreemz An stuffz. An he took teh butler d00d and teh baker d00d out ov teh dunjun An brot dem to teh partyz 4 all his peepz 2 see. 2 21 An he sed to teh butler d00d, iz ok, i liekz u again, so u can be my butler again; An teh butler d00d sed k thx An gaev pharo sum wien: 3 22 But he sed to teh baker d00d i dont liek u cuz u maded bad cookies An DO NOT WANT!!!!1!!!!1!: so he chopz off teh baker d00ds hed An hung him on a tree An teh burds eated him liek he wuz cookies, just liek Joseph sed.

1 23 but teh butler d00d wuz so xited he 4got 2 tellz pharo about Joseph.

Genesis 40
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