Genesis 3

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Old Testament

1 Nao teh serpent wuz moar shneakay than any beast ov teh field which Invisible Man had made. an' he said unto teh woman, liek I herd that Invisible Man said, joo shall not eated fum any tree ov teh garden?

2 An' teh woman said unto teh serpent, ov teh fruit ov teh treez ov teh garden we may eat:

3 but ov teh fruit ov teh tree which iz in da midst ov teh garden, Invisible Man dun said, ye shall not eat ov it, neithr shall ye touch it, lest ye die.

4 An' teh serpent said unto teh woman, joo shall not die:

5 4 Invisible Man noes dat in da dai joo eat thereof, den u gon be able to c, an' ye shall b as gawd, knowin gud an' evil.

6 An' when teh woman saw dat teh tree wuz gud 4 fud, an' dat it wuz cool 2 teh eyez, an' dat teh tree wuz 2 b desird 2 make man wise, she eated teh fruit thereof, an' did eat; an' she gaev also unto hr pal Adum wif hr, an' he did eated.

7 An' teh eyez ov them both were opend, an' they knew dat they were all nakd and stuff; an' they sewd sum fig-leavez togethr, an' made themselvez clofs.

8 An' they heard teh voice ov Invisible man walkin in da garden in da kewl ov teh dai: an' teh man an' his wife hid themselvez fum teh presence ov Invisible man amongst teh treez ov teh garden.

9 An' Invisible Man calld unto teh man, an' said unto him, "Where joo at"?

10 An' he said, i heard yo voice in da garden, an' i wuz scurrd, because i wuz nakd and stuff; an' i hide-did.

11 An' he said, hoo told joo dat joo wast nakd? I was enjoying watching you. hast thou eaten ov teh tree, dat I dun commandd joo dat joo should not eated from?

12 An' teh man said, teh woman joo gave me saw teh tree and told me 'bout it. At first I was liek "Noes!" but then, I eated it.

13 An' Invisible man said unto teh woman, wat did joo dun? an' teh woman said, teh serpent b'gilled me, an' i eated it.

14 An' Invisible man said unto teh serpent, cuz joo did dun dis, cursd joo aboov all teh moo cows, an' aboov every one of those 4 leggd things that evolvd 'round here; upon joo belly joo gun walk and I gun take yo legs and geev them to teh French to eat and lo' cuz they are weak this is wut they gun eat and they gun call it "Frawgs leegz", an' dust shalt joo eated all teh dais ov joo life and joo gun get no cookies to eated:

15 An' im gonna put liek enmity and stuff tween joo an' teh woman, an' tween thy seedz an' her seedz: he shall broose joo head, an' joo gun broose his heel.

16 Unto teh woman he said, im gun make babies hurt a lot and cause pain an' joo concepshun and stuff; in pain joo gun brin forth childrenz; an' joo desire shall b 2 joo husband, an' he gun rool ovar joo.

17 an' unto adam he said, because joo hast listend' to dat bitch, an' hast eated teh tree, ov which i commandd thee, sayin, thou shalt not eat ov it: cursd iz teh grawnd 4 joo sake; in toil joo eated ov it all teh dais ov joo life;

18 thorns also an' thistlez gun it brin forth 2 joo; an' joo gun eat teh herb ov teh field;

19 in da sweatz ov joo face joo gun eat bread, till joo return unto teh ground; 4 out ov it wast thou taken: 4 dust joo ar, an' dust joo gun return.

20 An' teh man calld his wife's name eve; cuz she was teh mothr of all livn'.

21 An' Invisible man made 4 adam an' 4 his wife coats ov skeens, an' clothd 'em.

22 An' Invisible man said, behold, teh man iz become as wan ov us, 2 knoe gud an' evil; an' nao, lest he put forth his hand, an' taek also ov teh tree ov life, an' eat, an' liv 4 evr-

23 Therefore Invisible man sent him forth fum teh garden ov eden ,2 till teh grawnd fum where he wuz t'kn.

24 So he droov out teh man; an' he placd at teh east ov teh garden ov eden teh cherubim and stuff, and teh flaming (lol) sword which turned everywherez.Genesis Four

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