Genesis 18

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Old Testament
Sarah lolz, Abraham pesturs Ceiling Cat

1 Nao Abraham wuz rlxn an Ceiling Cat wuz liek "O hai"2 But wehn Abraham wuz liek "o hai" ther wuz three menz an he wuz leik "WTF" an he bowded hisself

3 He sed "srsly, hang out4 Yu can has watur an rest5 An yu can haz cheezburgr." An three guise sed "we can has!"

6 so Abraham went tu Sarah an wuz liek "Maek sum cookehs an dont eated dem!"

7 An he went tu hiz moocows an maed teh best wun teh ded for tu eet8 An he sed tu three men "heer, yu can has"

9 An tehy wur liek "Whar yur woomun?" An Abraham sed "ovar thar"

10 An sed "Srsly, wehn we coem bak she gonna be teh preggers" An Sarah herd dis11 BTW: Abraham an Sarah wur teh OLD, srsly, an Sarah wuz tu old 4 teh baybees.12 An Sarah lold an wuz liek "No wai! We ar teh old!"

13 An teh men sed tu Abraham "wai she lol?14 Nothun is be impossihbull fur teh Ceiling Cat, srsly, she gon be teh preggers!"

15 An Sarah wuz liek "I not has lol" An he wuz liek "ya yu did"

Abraham Askx Ceiling Cat tu Be Naice tu Sodom

16 An teh three men wur liek "kthxbai" and Abraham went wif dem17 Ceiling Cat sed "shud I tel Abraham wut I is gon do,18 Cuz he iz cool, and he iz will be graet nayshun, and all nayshuns ar gonna can has cheezburger cuz of him?19 Cuz I choes him so he an his kittehs cud say liek 'Ceiling Cat ar cool, srsly'"

20 So Ceiling Cat sed "Sodom an Gomorrah sux, liek, srsly"21 "I is gonna can has chek it out an see"

22 So teh men went tu Sodom, but Ceiling Cat wuz stil wif Abraham, k?23 Abraham wuz liek "omg, u srsly gonna kill teh gud peepul wif teh bad peepul!?"24 "Wut if thers fifteh gud peepul? U stil gonna pwn it?"25 "WEAK"

26 So Ceiling Cat waz liek "k if iz fifteh peepul i wont pwn it"

27 An Abraham waz liek "omg, i sux, but28 wut if has fortee fy-uv good peepul?" an Ceiling Cat sed "i will not has pwn if has forteh-fiev"

29 An Abraham was liek "wut bout forteh?" an Ceiling Cat sed "i wont if has forteh"

30 An Abraham sed "k, dont b mad or shred meh, but wut if has thurteh?" an Ceiling Cat sed "i wont if has thurteh"

31 An Abraham sed "OMG, but wut if has twunteh?" and Ceiling Cat sed "i wont if has twunteh"

32 An Abraham sed "k, dont b mad, thsi is last tiem I prawmiss, but wut if has ten?" and Ceiling Cat sed "i wont if has ten. srsly"

33 An tehy wur both liek "kthxbai"

Genesis 18
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