Genesis 18

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Old Testament
Sarah LOLZ, Abraham pesters Cieling Cat

1 Noaw Abraham waz rlxn and Ceiling Cat waz liek "Oh Hai"2 But wen Abraham waz 2 liek "Oh hai" ther waz 3 doodz and he waz leik "WTF" n he pwned hisself

3 He sed "D00d, Srsly, hang out4 You can has water and rest5 And you can haz cheezburgr." And 3 doodz sed "we can has!"

6 so Abraham went to Sarah and waz liek "Mek som cookehs!"

7 And he went to hiz moocowz and made teh best one teh ded 4 to eat8 And he sed to 3 doodz "here, you can has"

9 N tehy wer liek "Wher ur woman?" And Abraham sed "ovar ther"

10 N sed "Srsly, when we com bak she gonna be teh preggers" Adn Sarah herd this11 BTW: Abraham n Sarah wer teh OLD, Srsly, and Sarah waz to old 4 teh babyz. Titzorz at da bell-e buttin.12 And Sarah LOLed and waz liek "WTF!? NO WAI! WE R TEH OLD!!11 LOL"

13 And TEH D00D sed 2 Abraham "WTF, Y she LOLed?14 Nothin iz inposbell 4 Ceiling Cat, srsly, she gon be teh preggers!"

15 And Sarah waz liek "I no LOLed" Ann he waz liek "yea u did"

Abraham Askx Ceiling Cat 2 Be Naice 2 Sodom

16 N teh 3 men were liek "Kthxbai" and Abraham went wit dem17 Ceiling Cat sed "shud I tel Abraham wat I'm gon do,18 Cuz he iz cool, and he iz gonna b grate nashun, and all nashuns r gonna has cheezburger cuz of him?19 Cuz I choes him so he n his kittehs coud say liek 'Cieling Cat iz cool, srsly'"

20 So Ceiling Cat sed "Sodom n Gomorrah suxz0rz, liek, srsly"21 "Im gonna chekc it out n see"

22 So the doodz went to Sodom, but Ceiling Cat waz stil wit Abraham, k?23 Abraham waz liek "OMFG, u srsly gonna kill teh good ppl wit teh bad ppl!?"24 "Wat if thers 50 good ppl? U stil gonna pwn it?"25 "WEAK"

26 So Ceiling Cat waz liek "k if iz 50 ppl i wont pwn it"

27 N Abraham waz liek "OMG, i sux, but28 wat if has 45 good ppl?" N Ceiling Cat sed "ill not pwn if has 45"

29 N Abraham was liek "wat bout 40???" an Ceiling Cat sed "i wont if has 40"

30 And Abraham sed "k, dont b mad or shred me, but wat if has 30?" and Ceiling Cat sed "i wont if has 30"

31 And Abraham sed "OMG, but wat if has 20?" and Ceiling Cat sed "i wont if has 20"

32 And Abraham sed "k, dont b mad, thsi is last tiem I promiz, but wat if has 10?" and Ceiling Cat sed "i wont if has 10. srsly"

33 And thei wer both liek "Kthxbai"

Genesis 18
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