Genesis 12

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Old Testament

Ceiling Cat sez stuff to Abram

1 Ceiling Cat sais to Abram, gowai.2 Ceiling Cat sais I can makes u famous on teh interwebs and u make teh babiez and stuffs.

3 I leik dem who leik u, an I DO NOT WANT! dem who DO NOT WANT! you, and I liekd the south africa and the Iraq cuz you leik.

4 Abram n Lot gowai, and dey are old and stuffs.5 Abram takes all da monies and his wyfe and all da babiez and sayd kthxbai.6 Abram sees da invisible tree.7 Ceiling Cat sais all this base are belong to u. Abram makeded Ceiling Cat a cookie.8 Abrams can has the base and can has house in teh base. He makeded Cieling Cat a cookie agian.9 Abrams explorded all his base.

Abram in his Egypt-base

10 But all his base no can has cheezburger, and Abram has to gowai.11 Abram gets to the end of teh base and sais to da wife, ur in my heart, stealing it.12 Abrams sais that those d00dz will want surpriz! buttsecks and will maek me ded.13 Abrams sais to da wyfe tell dem ur my sister so dey DO NOT WANT! surpriz! buttsecks and dey leik me.14 Teh d00dz did want surpriz! buttsecks.15 Da King wanted surpriz! buttsecks too and he stolded Abrams wyfe.16 Da King likeded Abrams and said you can has bukkit and lolwalrus too, and moocows and even peeple.17 Ceiling Cat makeded the King sick where pewpies come from.18 Da King said to Abrams you lieded to me.19 Da King did not want surpriz! buttsecks nymoar and sez take ur wyfe and gowai.20 Da King makeded Abrams gowai and was in his base, stealin all his stuffz.

Genesis 12
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