Galatians 3

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1. Silly Galatians! Wut dangles the string in frunt of u? U saw teh man on stix?

2. U can haz no catnip from Invisible man, win u playz nice! lol! Not less u can has trusts!

3. U silly! U haz teh catnips, but you eated it! Now u try try to be good?

4. Is u just chasin tail?

5. Does Invisible Man has for u catnip and finger wigle trix cuz u gud? Or cuz u has trusts?

6. Abraham can has trusts, and Invisible Man said good kitah!

7. Win u can has trusts, us is like Abraham!

8. A long book sayd the Invisable Man, even lieks ppl who ownz teh doogie when dey gots teh trusts! Das y Abraham wuz so kewl.

9. Trusts and u is liek Abraham. U is a trustee kitteh!

10. U gets teh squirt gunz when u tries to be lurn teh rulz, u cant do all dat stuff! Iz hard :(

11. Jus no teh rulz iz not enuf! U haz better hav sum trusts.

12. Teh rulz iz not frum trusts, u gotsa do them!

13. Jesus tuk teh made dem pore out tehy squirt gunz wen they put him on teh stix. And he got squirtd reel bad.

14. Even dog lovrz can has good kitteh treets like Abraham, cuz teh Invisible Man promizd to maek us all good kittehs!

15. Fellow kittehs, no how u can not say you can has cheezburgr, and then say it wuz more liek 2 cheezburgr? Iz liek that.

16. Teh promiz was jus to Abraham and hiz kittehs. Not evryun! But reely, he meaned Baby Jesus...

17. All dem reely ole rulz, didn maek the Invisible Man and hiz promize juz sum junk.

18. It no jus come frum rulz, or elz it a bad promiz. Invisible Man made a gud promiz for Abraham.

19. How come all dem rulz, den? Cuz of all of teh Invisible Man's flyin mans, who no did like teh bad kittehs who made bafroom on teh floor. Cuz teh promiz had said dey wuld fly down an say stuf.

20. All dem flyin men had to go frum teh Invisible Man and uz.

21. All dem rulz dont go to bad wif a promiz. But juz dem rulz caint maek u a good kitteh.

22. All uz kittehs wuld get teh squirt bottle, cuz dem rulz so hard, but we can has trusts like Baby Jesus. And then we is good kittehs.

23. B4, we wuz all just bound to got squirted, but now we don gotta, cuz we can has trusts!

24. All dem rulz showed us how to have trusts like Baby Jesus, and no did get squirted.

25. Ditto.

26. U is belong to Invisible Man win u has trusts in teh Baby Jesus.

27. U got a baf, but it wuz for ur own good and now u iz cleen.

28. All u kittehs can b famly wif teh Baby Jesus.

29. If u is wif him, u getz to cher hiz strings!

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