Galatians 2

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New Testament

Paul Joinz teh Club

1 Aftr forteen yeerz I wented bak to Jerusalem with Barnabus. O an Titus too.2 I hadded a vizion an wented to tell teh Gentiles about Jesus. (Peepl who iz not Jews iz Gentiles k.) I just talkted to sum peeplz in praivit, tho, bcz i felted kinda silli.3 Titus wuz a Greek an not a Jew. So he hiz man-harblz no wuz cutted liek a Jews. But no wun maeded him do it.4 Teh argumentz about manharblz wuz started bai spiez who haet freedm.5 But we didint let dem beat us.

6 Dere wuz sum d00dz actin important but I duzint caer LOL.7 Itz mai job to tel teh Gentiles about Jesus, saem as Peter wuz tellin teh Jews about him.8 Ceiling Cat iz workin thru both of us k.9 James, Peter, n John cud tell an so dey wuz niec to me an Barnabas.10 Dey wuz liek "jus doant forgit teh poor kthnx" an I wuz liek "u doant evin need to ask."

Paul vs Peter LOL

11 When Peter comd to Antioch, I got in hiz faec bcz he wuz so rong.12 He use to eat cookies wif teh Gentilez. But den James sented sum srtin peeplz, I iz not goin to naem naemz, u knowz who dey iz. After dat Peter wuz too cool to eat wif teh Gentiles no moar.13 Teh othr Jews wuz all actin teh saem way. Evn Barnabas.

14 I callded Peter out about it in front of evribodi. I wuz liek "U iz a Jew, but u livz liek a Gentile insted of liek a Jew. So why u iz makin teh Gentiles liv liek Jews?"

15 Since we iz Jews,16 we know dat nobodi getz to go to teh Ceiling bcz dey obey teh law. Beleevin in Jesus iz teh onli wai to get dere.

17 Spoze dat whiel we iz tryin to get riet wif Jesus, we maekz sum Invisible Errors an evribodi notisiz LOL. Duz dat meen Jesus iz in favor of Invisible Errors? Hell noes!18 If I braekz sumthin an den fixiz it, I iz obviusli a criminl.19 Bcz thru teh law, I died to tel law, so dat I cud liv for Ceiling Cat.20 I died wif Jesus, but Jesus iz in me livin. I liv bai beleevin in Jesus, who liekded me an died for me.21 It iz importnt dat Ceiling Cat forgivz us. If u cud get forgivniss thru obeyin teh law, den Christ died for nothin. Think about dat for a whiel.

Galatians 2
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