Galatians 1

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New Testament

To teh church in Glacier!!!

1 Oh hai! Dis Paul. I'z sent not by mans but by Baby Jebus and by Ceiling Cat that made him zomby.2 Deer Galatians,

3 Peas and cookies 2 u from Ceiling Cat and Baby Jebus,4 Who saved from Invisible Errorz and rezqued u from evil now time,5 And gotz gloree 4 eva and eva and eva and eva. Srsly.

No uzzer gospel, amirite?

6 I r stonishd that u reads otha book,7 It not realz gosple at all. Sumbunny is can pervert gosples 2 confooz u.8 If me or ne buddy elz preechedz more diferanter gosples than other gosples, they be doin it wrong.9 ditto 4 empathis 10 I am try to get cookies from mans or from Ceiling Cat? If to try to pleas mans, not be srvants of Christ, and that badz.

Paul txted by ceiling cat

11 Iz not makin dis up. Srsly.12 No mans telled me. Jebus telled me. Srsly. 13 So ai hopez yu new abuot me befoer. Ai wuz a meen kat to Jebus kats adn treid too taek theyre toyz.14 Ai haed moer Jooish katnip than othah Jookats cuz I leikd katnip a lot.15 Bud den teh Ceiling Cat, he putted me ni speshial boxs whne ai wuz a kittn, adn siad,16 "Oh, hai! Iz teh Ceiling Cat. This iz mai kittn, Jebus. Txt yur freindz, kthnx." Ai didnt aks nowun,17 Ai jus wen too Arabia (das a big saendboxs!!1). Thne thta wuz dun so ai wen too Demaskas. 18 So thne that wuz dun too so ai goed too Jerusalin so I cuold sai, "Oh, hai, Petah!"19 An ai didnt tolk to nowun elze! Eksept Jaemz. But hez Jebusz bruthah, so dat wuz ok.20 So thisz no joek. Srsly.21 Yeah, an ai bin too Siria and Cylicia too. Srsly.22 But teh Jebus chruches in Judae didnt kno me.23 Thei saw on TV boxs dat teh d00d dat wuz heer, hurtin yur churchiz, now hez helpin yur churchiz.24 An thei saed gud thignz abuot Ceiling Cat.

Galatians 1
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