Ezra 9

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Old Testament

1 Den teh leedrz came up to me n say sum of r guyz not actin liek good kittehs, actin liek dogs n pigs n stuff.2 Dey even be marryin womn frum othr places dat dont pray to Ceiling Cat, srsly.3 When I herd dis I got mad n ripd out sum fur. Den I just sat aroun4 until dinnrtiem, an lots of people around dinnr wer mad liek me.

5 An I waz still mad so nsted of eatn dinnr I got on teh floor n sed up to Ceiling Cat6 I no wes not been good kittehs yeerz ago.7 I no wes been punishd befor.8 But I thot we was bein gud now, an you been gud to us.9 U let us sleep on ur couch n everythin.

10 But now, turnz out wes bad kittehs again, srsly.11 U tol us ppl round here not gud to get maried to.12 N we mary dem anyway? wtf?

13 We iz bad kittehs. U gonna punish us now.14 Why we bein so bad, idunno.15 I not even in mood for cheezburgrs.

Ezra 9
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