Ezra 8

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Old Testament

O hai. So ths peeps ar teh leders who came back wid me n that, tho thems lots ov namez, srsly. From Phinehas, Gershom, Ithamar, Daniel, David, Hattush and srsly thems MOAR names dat make me sleepy. U getz teh pointz, tho, lol, ov da 70 menz who came wid me.

So bi teh canal wid teh wetz ai DO NOT WANT we nappd fur free daiz. Ai spaid dey needed smartz n dat so ai sent for sum brotherz who helpd bring us to attendance under Teh Ceiling Cat.

N Ceiling Cat waz well chuffed n impressed, srsly, so came like Sherebiah who had like MOAR men who came helpz wid putting back teh citeh.

Nd alzo, if yous din no, teh Ceiling Cat = $Sunjeet$, teh lil kitteh = $keeran$ and teh invisible kitteh = $govul$

Ezra 8
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