Ezra 7

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Old Testament
Ezra Comz to Jeroosalem

1 After thatz, when Artaxerxes wuz boss, Ezra sed "O HAI!1!!"2 Him wuz3 begatted4 by lotsa5 pplz.

6 Ezra livd in Babblelawn; him wuz a scribblur, expurrt in teh lawl ov Moozes, which the Lord Ceiling Cat ov teh Ceiling had givd tehm. Teh keeng givd him lotsa stufz, cuz Ceiling Cat sed so.7 Ezra goed to Jeroosalem wit some Isrealightz, preests, Levitez, timple singerz, and a bunch other pplz, in teh seventh yeer of Keeng Artaxerxes.

8 Tehy gotz to Jeroosalem in teh fif month ov teh sevnth yeer.9 Him had beegun him jornee frum Babblelawn on teh firs day of teh firs month, an him areyevded in Jeroosalem on teh firs day of teh fif month, fur teh graceios paw ov teh Ceiling Cat wuz on him.10 Fur Ezra had dvoted himself two teh stirdy an obbsirvance ov teh Lawl ov teh Ceiling Cat, an two teachn itz dkrees an lawls in Izreal.

Artaxerxes Letur Fur Ezra

11 So teh keeng givded tihs letur to teh learneded preest Ezra cuz him knoz wut Ceiling Cat wanz:

12 OH HAI!

13 Nou I dkree taht ani ov teh Isrealightz in mai keengdum, enclueding preestz an Levitez, hoo voluntear to go to Jeroosalem wit yew, may go.14 Yew ar scent bi teh keeng an him sevn advicers to inquoir bout Joodah an Jeroosalem wit regard to teh Lawl ov yewz Ceiling Cat, wich iz in yewz paw.15 An, yew ar to tak wit yew teh silveh and gowd taht teh keeng an him advicers av freeleh givd to teh Ceiling Cat ov Isreal, hooz sofa iz in Jeroosalem,16 togedder wit al teh silveh and gowd yew may obtane fom teh Babblelawn, an teh gifz ov teh kittehz an preests fur Ceiling Cat.17 Wit tehs moniez bee sur to bai cheezburgerz togedder wit teir cookiez an gatorade, an giv dem to Ceiling Cat.

Ezra 7
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